Aerial view London England

13 Unique Reasons to Visit and Love England (2019)

England is not only one of the most visited countries in Europe, but in the world. There’s no shortage of places to see and things to do. It’s small, but what it lacks in size, it more than makes up for in influence and beauty. With easy access to trains and buses, seeing everything it has to offer is no stress at all. Ready for more?

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1. See the Coastline

West Bexington Pond Dorchester United Kingdom
West Bexington, England

If you’re looking for reasons to visit England, look no farther than the English coastline. One word: breathtaking. Cumbria, the Isle of Wright, West Sussex and everywhere in between, the English shoreline is one of the best parts of the country. In fact, some coasts are designated as Heritage Coasts. From vast rolling fields to quaint beach towns, there’s a scenic view for everyone. Not to mention, it’s a peaceful contrast to many of the vibrant cities.

Before you head to the coast, here are Britain’s 30 Best Seaside Towns.

Note: Cornwall is one of many must-see shore side counties.

2. Admire the Countryside

Countryside Lofthouse United Kingdom
Lofthouse, England

No trip to England is complete without time on the countryside. Lush green pastures seemingly stretch on forever. No matter where you are in England, the slow peaceful pace of the countryside is the perfect contrast to the vibrancy of the major cities.

Here’s a list of 15 Beautiful English Countryside Destinations.

3. Appreciate the Lakes

Wast Water Seascale Lake District National Park England
Lake District, England

Gleaming, dramatic and rugged–that sums up the beauty of the English lakes. Sit and appreciate nature, sail, or make the most of hiking trails. See water falls, castle grounds and even do water sports. The Lake District is easily one of the most appreciated parts of England.

Here are Britain’s 21 most beautiful lakes.

4. See the Animals

Red Deer Stag in Snow England
Red Deer in England

With great nature comes incredible wildlife. Grey seals, rare bats, cute rabbits, whales and many more. Animals in England cover the full spectrum of emotion, from adorable to terrifying. Save an afternoon for an organized wildlife tour to see nature’s children up close. Remember to always choose tours that benefit or at the very least do not harm the animals.

Here are 7 amazing animal sanctuaries in England.

5. Explore the Gardens

Flower Garden Big Ben London England
Flower garden near Big Ben, London, England

England is known for its gardens, both small and large. Many of the smaller, plainly beautiful flower gardens are open daily for public visits. Larger gardens are impressive in both scale and design, some of which date back more than 250 years. These gardens are one of the more serene reasons to visit England. Don’t miss out.

Here is the Smithsonian’s list of England’s Most Beautiful Gardens.

6. Love Every Season

Snow Day Snowman England

The weather in England isn’t as welcoming as other destinations, but it’s far from the worst. There’s something charming about a country that lets you experience all four seasons. England is naturally scenic. Fall in love with the trees, lakes, beaches and coast during spring and summer. Watch cities, towns and fashion transform as leaves change colors in the fall. Finally, enjoy snowball fights, skiing or a cup of hot English tea during the winter. The four different seasons are 4 more reasons to visit England. Add it to your bucket list.

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7. Learn the History

Stonehenge Wiltshire England
Stonehenge, England

English history plays an important role in the larger history of the world. Books, theater, film, television and more all cover different periods of what is, if nothing else, a long and intriguing history. Visit prehistoric Stonehenge, one of the wonders of the world, old castles and palaces, war ruins and more. Get a tangible sense of the places and events that shaped modern day England and many other parts of the world.

Here’s a list of Britain’s Top 10 Castles.

8. Party Hard

Three women at festival England Unite Kingdom

England is notorious for its party spirit and revels. From après-ski to royal weddings, football, festivals and just about anything else. If nothing else, a trip to England will let you party your problems away for a short while. Let loose and enjoy one of the most fun and friendly countries in the world with some of the most festive people.

Here’s a list of the Top 20 Music Festivals in the UK for 2019.

9. Embrace the Arts and Culture

Natural History Museum London England
Museum of Natural History, England

So why else should you visit England? The ethnic diversity of English residents is reason enough. But that’s not the only reason. It’s home to Shakespearean theater and the Beatles, a wealth of contemporary art and a booming street art scene. It’s on par with current fashion trends, boasts some of the world’s best restaurants (Michelin-star) and sports teams, and the architecture is exceptional. England has an array of art and an abundance of culture, no matter your tastes.

Note: Don’t leave England without trying fish and chips and some of the sweeter treats (cakes and pies).

Stay updated with English arts and cultural events here.

10. Go to an English Pub

Glass of Beer on Bar Counter

As the Canadian philosopher Aubrey Drake Graham once famously quoted:

‘You can’t drink all day if you don’t start in the morning.’

This is a sentiment the English take very seriously. Many English pubs open as early as 7:00 am, while some pubs never close their doors. They serve alcohol 24/7. Pubs are more than places to get drunk, however. They’re ideal for intimate social gatherings, snacks, and to catch sporting events. In addition, each pub has a distinct personality and appeal. Frequent pub goers and non-drinkers alike can both agree, England’s tradition and dedication to its drinkeries is impressive.

Here is British GQ’s list of the Best Pubs in the UK.

11. Drink Tea

Tea cups pots plates manchester united kingdom

To say that tea is an integral part of English culture is an understatement. England’s economy, politics and social ranking systems have all at some point or another been impacted by tea. Tea culture in England is centuries old. The English enjoy tea so much, they named a small meal after it. They even use tea for some of their cocktails (gunfire). Suffice to say, a trip to England simply isn’t complete without tea.

Here are the Top England Coffee & Tea Tours.

12. Walk Through the Cities and Towns

Panoramic View Manchester England
Manchester, England

Many of England’s most famous cities are known worldwide. London, the nation’s capital, is often featured in big screen blockbusters and is home to Westminster Palace and Big Ben. Oxford is historically known for its world-class university of the same name. Manchester is famous for both music and its football club. Bath holds Britain’s only natural hot spa and is possibly the most charming city in all of England.

Many of the smaller towns in England feature cobblestone streets, quaint little buildings and much of the small-town appeal travelers look for. They’re the perfect juxtaposition to the buzzing energy of the big cities.

Here are the 14 Best Cities to Visit in England.

13. Take Cheesy Pictures

Red Phone Booths Person with Umbrella London England

Thanks to social media, many travelers spend more time recording their trips than living them. That said, pictures are one of the best ways of preserving memories. Don’t be afraid to take a cliché picture or two. After all, if you visit England and don’t take a picture with a red telephone booth and one of the Queen’s guards, can you truly say you were there?

Here are the Most Instagrammable Spots in Northern England.

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That’s enough reading for now. Book a flight, cruise, train, or whatever works best for you. Go get yourself a slice of culture, bloke!