Couple in nature looking at water and mountains

6 Romantic Destinations For A Couples Trip in 2019


Signs you’re in need of an international couples trip:

*Netflix: Are you still there?*

As you sit together half-asleep. You’re checking emails and eating microwaved leftovers.

This is your love life.

Not exactly a storybook romance, is it? Here’s the good news; you’re not alone. The better news is, travel is the antidote. Unwind on an exotic retreat, takeoff on a road trip adventure, or anything in between. Either way, I’ve got you covered. Here’s a fresh dose of inspiration.

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1. Baros, Maldives

Waterfront Villas Blue Water Maldives

As one of nearly 1200 of the Maldive Islands, Baros stands out from the crowd. It has flawless white sand beaches and water so blue the sky gets jealous. And it’s far from crowded, so you can catch up on intimacy time with your partner in crime. Golden sunsets, a lagoon and incredible weather, all from the privacy of your own villa. Make your relationship great again.

2. Kennicott, Alaska

Open road to Alaskan Mountain Range

I know, I know. You’re thinking a trip to Alaska is far from warm and tropical. Right? But close your eyes and picture this. You’re in a lodge style accommodation with your partner, sipping cold wine around a toasty fireplace. There are snow-capped mountains in every direction. Every star in the night’s sky is visible (even after a few drinks). You’re both happy, and ready for tomorrow’s outdoor adventure. That doesn’t sound so bad, does it?

3. Mallorca, Spain

View of ocean from rugged coast

Spain is notoriously romantic. There must be something in the water that adds to the western European charm. Spanish guitars, villas–even the language is romantic (no seriously, it’s a romance language). Can you think of a better place to walk hand in hand, shop, get pampered and dine with your darling? Did I mention the world-famous vineyards and wine culture? I challenge you to book a couples trip to Spain and not love it.

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4. Stockholm, Sweden

View of Stockholm Sweden in the evening

There’s the rest of Europe, and then there’s Stockholm, Sweden. It’s old and charming, but trendy and modern all at once. Compact and easy to get around, it’s perfect for slow lovey-dovey walks to the shore. In fact, it’s one of the top waterside towns in northern Europe. Ferry rides at sunset, fine dining, and something stylish at every turn. The only way traveling to Sweden could be more romantic, would be for love to literally be in the air.

5. Song Saa, Cambodia

Song saa island Cambodia from above

Okay, so love on Song Saa private island doesn’t exactly come cheap. But you won’t find a more unique and intimate trip for two. I promise. I pinky promise. A private beach, spa sessions and crystal-clear water on an eco-friendly island oasis. One carefully taken picture from here will make your friends reconsider their relationships and life choices. Book your flight to Cambodia with JustFly to save big!

6. Cancun, Mexico

View of Cancun Mexico resort from above

Contrary to popular belief, Cancun isn’t just a cheap vacation destination for students on Spring break. It’s also where couples go to put a little spark back into things. Have dinner on the beach. Sunbathe in warm (hot) weather. Stay in adults-only 5-star resorts. Quench your thirst with cocktails—lots and lots of cocktails. This is what awaits you and your better half on your trip to Mexico. Go on you hopeless romantic. May the force be with you.

You haven’t had fun in a while. Your love life is the only thing more tired than you are (no offense). I hate to be the dramatic one in the bunch, but your relationship may depend on it. And even if things are going great, who doesn’t like a holiday for two in a beautiful foreign place? Book the couples trip of your dreams. Have a blast. Thank me later.