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How to Make Money Traveling (2019 Guide)

Travel Advice

Let’s play a quick game of fill-in-the-blank.

“I would travel more if I had more _____.”

At JustFly, we’re not particularly big on gambling. But we’re willing to bet on the answer to your blank.

Money. Cash. Coin.

Don’t sweat it. We’re here to help.

For years, luxury travel brands have lied to you. And marketing/media companies have been their accomplices. They’ve convinced you that travel is expensive. You were told you couldn’t travel without lots of money. But the lie detector determined that was a lie.

We’re going to teach you to make money traveling. You’re going to learn to travel cheaply or freely.


We’re glad you asked. Let’s begin.

Working Abroad

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You don’t have to wander the world broke and aimless. The poor backpacker life isn’t for everyone. Luckily, expats have been finding work overseas for decades. You can do it too. Will you become CEO of a billion-dollar company? Probably not. Will you find work to fund continuous travels? Absolutely. The point is, you can make money traveling.

We’ve created a short list of jobs you can do abroad. Check them out below.

Travel Hack: If your passport is lost or expired, all hope is not lost. Offer to volunteer. You can sometimes get cash and a place to stay in exchange.

Be an Au Pair

An au pair provides additional help to a host family. How they help changes from country to country. But there are usually a few constants. First, the au pair is normally a foreigner. Next, they usually help with childcare and housework. Third, they’re typically treated as an extension of the family.

They’re also given room, board, a salary and sometimes language lessons in return for helping.

Note: Women have an easier time getting these types of jobs.

Find a host family right now with AuPairWorld.

Do Hostel Work

Hostels are a revolving door of guests and workers. They’re also ideal for finding easy work overseas. They don’t usually pay well (or at all). But they often offer food and a bed. You’ll do laundry, dishes and clean dorm rooms. Groceries, correcting spelling mistakes and taking photos are also fair game. It’s an easy way to make friends too.

Wait Tables

Remember those times you were nice to your waiter? It’s time to cash in on your good karma. Food is one of the reasons many people travel. And finding a restaurant job is relatively easy. Waiting tables is the obvious choice. But you can wash dishes, cook or be a busboy/girl too. If the city/country is busy, your chances are pretty good.


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Bartending is a fun way to make money while traveling. There’s a bit of a learning curve. But it’s an easy skill set to pick up. Best part about it? Some bar owners are willing to pay under the table. If you’re an overachiever, become a mixologist (way harder). Cheers to Happy Hour connoisseurs, this one’s for you.

Plant Trees

There’s nothing sexy about planting trees for money. It’s hard manual labor. You’re often in remote locations. Mosquito bites are common. You live out of a tent. And the weather can be harsh. That said, the money is great. Make money and friends. Work hard. Help the planet.

Be A Farmer

Remember Old MacDonald? You know, the nursery rhyme icon. Well, long story short, he had a farm. And on that farm—well, he worked very hard. Want to know something else? You will too. But if you’re not above getting your hands dirty, the money is good.

Note: When looking for farm work, search WWOOFing (World Wide Opportunities On Organic Farms) for best results.

Give Guided Tours

Put your public speaking skills to the test. Depending on the country, the weather may be harsh. But if you’re well-informed and a little charming, you’ll make a killing on tips. With a base pay and big tips, life as a tour guide can be lucrative.

Work on A Boat

Life at sea is quite an experience. It’s also a fun way to see the world. Here are your two best options to make money on the water: cruise ships and yachts. Cruise ships offer way more options, like DJing, lifeguarding, administrative work and more. But the pay won’t exactly have you living in the lap of luxury.

Speaking of the lavish life—yacht work might be for you. There’s way more money in working on a yacht. Meet celebrities. See exotic destinations. Make your friends jealous. Besides the potentially long hours, what’s not to love?

Become A Dive Instructor

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There are lots of perks to becoming a dive instructor. First, you’ll be in a sunny and hot location. Next, you’ll get to hang out with marine life. Finally, you’ll get paid. It’s also a cool way to get social. In most cases, you’ll need a certification. And that will cost you. But it’s worth it.

Work at A Resort

There are resorts all over the world. They’re often looking for English speaking staff too. Animators, lifeguards, guides and hotel staff are common jobs at resorts.

Ski resorts are also a great option (if you like snow and ice). They’re seasonal jobs, but also guaranteed income for at least a few months. Best of all, beach and ski resorts provide tons of chances to meet people.

Teach English

Teaching English overseas is a popular way to make money traveling. With the right credentials, you can make more than 80 thousand USD annually. Native English speakers are always in demand. Some programs require certification. But that can be done in a few days (or weeks).

Asian and Middle Eastern programs are particularly lucrative. Some schools offer 7-8 weeks of vacation (or more). You’ll have lots of time to travel. Rent is often included. Many programs also pay for a round trip ticket. Finally, some schools provide a finishing or re-signing bonus too.

Travel Hack: You can teach English online while traveling the world. You don’t have to stay in one country. All you need is a headset, laptop and a strong Wi-Fi signal.

Monetize Your Skills

More of an entrepreneur? Make money with your skills. Write code. Translate. Play an instrument. Teach a language. Take care of pets. You can even do basic house chores. People will pay for help all around the world. Here’s a list of sites to get you started:

That’s it. It’s that simple. There are lots of ways to make money while traveling. Some jobs require more skill than others. But many just need you to show up and work hard. If you’re serious about seeing the world, it’s an easy choice.