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Options Explained

Cancel for Future Credit

A Future Travel Credit may not equal the indicated cash value depending on certain restrictions, so please read carefully.

A Future Travel Credit is provided by an airline upon cancellation of a ticket and its value can be applied in part or in whole towards the booking of a new ticket. Certain restrictions may apply when booking a new ticket using a Future Travel Credit, depending on the airline's terms and conditions associated with the original fare that you purchased, including:


Some airlines are allowing tickets to be refunded even if you purchased non-refundable tickets due to COVID-19 outbreak. Refunds are only available for un-flown flights. When you request a refund with us, we will cancel your booking and will handle fulfilling your request with the airline on your behalf. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, it could take up to 18 weeks to receive refund to the original form of payment you used when you purchased the itinerary. Please note that not all airlines are allowing refunds, and your request is subject to approval.

Handling Fees

We'll need your booking reference number and the email address together with the phone number that you used when you purchased your trip.

Please do not contact us for status updates. We will respond by email as soon as we are able to process your request. For all partially used itineraries, we will contact you in order to confirm the unused portion amount before processing the cancellation.

Important: We strongly recommend to use this form only if you travel within the next 4 weeks. Airlines are issuing revised policies on a daily if not hourly basis. Please review the airline travel waivers page before submitting your request to ensure the most recent options applied.

Do not submit this request if your reservation was completed within last 24 hours. We suggest you to manage your booking online by visiting our online portal.