About Us

Justfly was created by a team of technological experts with many years of experience in the travel industry. We believe our platform is second to none when it comes to issuing low cost tickets efficiently in a user-friendly environment. We have partnered with major airlines to deliver the best prices possible to our customers. Our team of travel agents is ready to assist you on the phone you can rest assured we’re with you every step of the way to make sure your vacation is flawless.

1521 West Concord Pike, Suite 301, Wilmington, DE, 19803
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  • To sell the cheapest airline tickets in an increasingly competitive market
  • To assemble the most advanced team of travel experts in the world
  • To maintain an efficient and technologically bullet-proof platform
  • Innovate, don’t imitate.


  • PASSION - Being travellers ourselves, we understand the needs of people on the go or families looking for a peaceful and safe getaway for their summer vacation.
  • INNOVATION - To lead the industry in technological advances and push boundaries that give us an edge over all other online agencies.
  • EXECUTION - The courage to lead the way in a technologically stagnant industry. Pushing boundaries and taking charge.
  • DEDICATION - Doing what we do with passion and integrity. We believe our work ethic speaks for itself.